Mindful Nourishment For Hormone Balance

Hormones can be a woman’s fiercest allies, yet they’re often cast as enemies. We’re here to flip that script. Meet Eden: An all-in-one nutritional supplement designed to optimize your hormonal health.

Why Should I Take Eden?

Eden blends leading-edge science with ancient intelligence to promote overall women’s hormone balance.

Life moves quickly today, and we’re all striving to be and do more than ever before. But there’s a downside to chasing greatness: Busy days are really hard on our bodies.

Stress can sabotage even the best wellness intentions, draining us of nutrients we need to thrive. These vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to symptoms of hormone imbalance—no matter how much water we drink or how many miles we jog.

Irregular periods. PMS. Trouble sleeping. Low sex drive. Weight gain. Mood swings. Fatigue. Brain fog. Acne. Thinning hair. These are some common side-effects of overlooking hormone health.

Eden was created with this reality in mind. It’s the nutritional foundation that supports our modern way of life. Intentionally crafted with a blend of 28 vitamins, minerals, and traditional botanicals, Eden gives you the basic daily nourishment you need to feed your “feel good,” live better, and shine.

  • Vegetarian
  • Non-Soy
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • Made in USA
Why should you care about your hormones? 

Think of hormones as the original influencers. Their job is to communicate with your body’s tissues and organs to make biological magic happen.

Hormones fire you up to create and wind you down when it’s time to sleep. They stoke your desires, elevate your mood, regulate your appetite, and even help your body bring forth new life. Simply put, they’re involved in every facet of your being. When they’re not operating at their fullest potential, neither are you.

There are a lot of things we do in the name of wellness. But true self-care isn’t just about face masks and meditation. It means making your hormones a priority—and that starts with feeding them the nutrients they need, every single day.

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Your all-in-one supplement for hormone health

No more overfilling your cabinets (and draining your bank account) with endless jars of vitamins, herbs, and smoothie add-ins: Eden makes it simple to get your daily nourishment for optimal hormones.

We’ve chosen the best of science-meets-traditional therapies to create a single nutritional supplement filled with 28 ingredients, all working together to support hormone health.

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Not all multi-vitamins are created equal - I can tell you that this supplement passes all of my supplement scrutinies!!  

Dr. Erin Kinney

It's got the right ingredients to support estrogen balance, metabolism, healthy gut, and stress reduction!

Callie Exas RDN

I’m feeling less tired and not experiencing my usual mid-morning slump. I'm also finding that my anxiety is reduced.

Erin M.